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Journal Entry: Tue Nov 23, 2010, 6:31 AM


That's right, I've moved accounts - I've decided to host all my photography on my main account, Pixel-Spotlight so please wander over there with any watches, comments, favourites and the like! :dummy:



Pimping Mirrin!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 9, 2010, 10:04 AM

Quick journal to pimp out Mirrin Magazine

For those of you who don't know, Mirrin is a magazine which I edit with felicefawn.

We're having a sale on the digital version of the magazine - our first issue is 50% off in preparation of our Spring issue, which will be released soon.

You can see a preview of the fantastic work which we have, much of the content are exclusive editorials and stories shot for us.

And our next issue is going to be incredible, so watch this space!

Tweet Tweet.

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2009, 3:00 PM

Promised update coming whenever I can find the time.

In the mean time, if you follow me on twitter then you'll get up to date info about what I'm doing, whenever I'm doing it.

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 30, 2009, 5:03 PM

haha, look, yes, I am alive.
Wow, that was a lot of commas, wasn't it?

Update coming soon, I promise.
Been very busy etc.


Journal Entry: Sun Aug 16, 2009, 11:39 AM

Have you all checked out Mirrin Magazine yet?

It's a FANTASTIC chic feminine fashion magazine owned by the amazing felicefawn.

It showcases and features some truly amazing photographers and designers and is pure joy to read and look at.

I ordered my copy of the first issue the day it was released and I'm so excited to get home tomorrow and properly paw through it. You can preview Issue 1 here but I would seriously suggest purchasing it better experience the amazing quality of the submissions.

Here's a taster of some of the past issue...

The best thing is, Félice is calling for submissions from dA artists - that could be you!

If you think you have something that would fit in the magazine, read Félice's journals here, here an


Journal Entry: Mon Aug 10, 2009, 9:46 AM

Follow me on Twitter! :D

Link me to your twitters? I'll follow back! I want more photographers to chat with and share WIPs and stuff! :giggle:


Journal Entry: Thu Jul 16, 2009, 6:07 AM

Had a super fun shoot earlier this morning, you can read the blog entry here:

Some interesting stuff coming up over the next few weeks too! :D

Here Comes the Sun

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 15, 2009, 9:42 AM

So pleased to have exams all over and done with, although slightly nervous about results day; August 20th.

Couple of shoots coming up, which I'm really excited about and can't wait to see what you guys think of them!

Sorry for such a short entry, I'm pretty exhausted, but I though I'd just let you all know what was up. :)



The hq London deviantMEET was truly fantastic; I met loads of great people and had a wonderful time. Many thanks to everyone who came and to those who organised it and everyone who helped to make it such a great day!

It was a day that started off, for me, with meeting up with Tabon, Maivale and AshKerins. I'm a huge admirer of AshKerins's art and it was great to meet her; I'd never spoken to the other two before but they were truly lovely!
Together, we travelled to Knightsbridge, where someone insisted we get off the tube and walk! :faint: (I blame Maivale! :giggle:) So our journey there took a little longer and was a little more exhausting than we were expecting!

When we arrived, there was loads of people there; I was amazed! Our little group sat down, munched on our lunch and waited for things to get kicked off - Tabon was making a chain mail pencil case, which was fascinating!

Then spyed directed us all to gather around while he did a song and dance routine talked and introduced some cool people such as mccann, Pachunka, Heidi, zilla774 and more! :o

Next we split off into our specialty groups, I went with dxd and the photographers. dxd entertained us all by getting beaten up doing some break dancing? :| I got chatting to No-More-Heroes, Puckmonkey. Vendrava, WinterDruidess and miikeyC and some more people, whose names I didn't get. DarbySniper joined us at some point, with a ridiculous amount of Magners which I helped him get rid of... We watched a demo of future dA projects, such as groups and portfolios, which was really interesting and I can't wait! :nod:

DarbySniper introduced me to DaynaEMCraig, who is truly one of the funniest people I've ever met and really great. And then everyone left (It was about 8pm by now!) made their way back to South Kensington tube station and took over the Circle line! But not before DarbySniper was made to pick up rubbish. :)

All I can say about the Metropolitan Bar is that they make good cocktails. That and they were incredibly accommodating and didn't bat an eye lid as about 30 deviants took over one corner of the room, simply wandered around to check everyone's ID (While miikeyC hid in the loos, of course!)

The tube journey back was (what I remember of it!) entertaining to say the least. I went in completely the wrong direction home to make sure that DarbySniper did indeed fuck off and get his train home, but insisted we get off the tube at Kings Cross for a loo break!

And then collapsed into bed and got up hideously early this morning! :faint:

Anyway, it was a really great day and has inspired me to go to future devMEETS, for sure. I met loads of great people and just wish that I'd managed to get everyone's name!

Sorry to everyone I confused with having Pixel-Spotlight written on my chest! :giggle:

If you want to see more photos for the day, check:…


Thu May 21, 2009, 6:06 AM
So just a quick update.

I had flu last week - proper full blown flu, where I spent a ridiculous amount of time in bed totally delirious. Actually one of the scariest things that I can remember! (Apart from Land of the Dead... That was just messed up! :giggle:)

Unfortunately, last week was also the week in which I had to spend 15 hours in school, doing my A level art exam.

So that could've gone better!

I'm not going to be shooting until July because the upcoming weeks are so packed with exams and revision!
My exams finish on June the 18th but then the following days are filled with partying and then a brief away period.

My first shoot lined up is on the 11th July and I'm testing constantly during the week of the 10th - 17th.
Anyone interested in setting up a shoot, let me know. I'm interested in collaborating with as many different creatives over the summer and 2010 (gap year.. Yay! :D)


What news do you guys have? Anyone else have any exams coming up?

Model Mayhem


Sun May 3, 2009, 2:22 AM
Have a fantastic shoot yesterday, with two great models and a fantastic make up artist from MM.
I've got two photos up here, will probably add more later.
BUT. All of the currently edited photos can be found on my Flickr, see below for link. I always upload to Flickr first, and often upload more than I do here - I only put what I'm most proud of here. ;)
So please do check it out, leave some comments or notes to let me know what you think! :D
I want to get more involved with Flickr, and need your help to do it! :D

I'll update the blog sooooon!

Model Mayhem

eBay Sale!

Wed Apr 29, 2009, 11:00 AM
I'm having a big clear out and selling a number of items on eBay, check them here:…


Model Mayhem

No New News

Tue Apr 28, 2009, 3:03 PM
felicefawn is awesome, that is all.

I will probably update my journal tomorrow, but this will still remain true. ;)

Model Mayhem

Castle Shoot!

Tue Apr 21, 2009, 4:52 AM
It was incredible, I had such an awesome time and (I think!) got some really great photos out of it.

A could are up already, what do you think? Please check out my Flickr (link below), because there's more uploaded on there than on here (although I might put them up later, we'll see...)

Also, for all who're interested, there's a behind the scenes blog entry here, at my blog.

I have a shoot on the 2nd of May, hopefully with Izzy and with a model and makeup artist I've never met before, so that should hopefully have some great results.

What've you all been up to? I feel like chatting, chat to me! :D

Model Mayhem


Sun Apr 19, 2009, 2:16 AM
Hey guys, I'm home - did you miss me? :giggle:

I had a fantastic time in Italy, I really wish I could've spent more time there!
I'm a classics GEEK, so I was in heaven surrounded by all of this amazing architecture and art - and I was distraught that I didn't have enough time to visit the Colosseum!

ANYWAY, I've put up a couple of snapshots on my blog - click on them to see them larger.

I've also put the last picture onto my flickr but I don't think I'll be putting it onto dA - what do you think I should do? Well, scratch that. I just did it. :giggle:

What did you guys get up to while I was away? Anyone else been on holiday?

As the blog mentions, I've got an incredible shoot tomorrow so expect some more work shortly! :D

Model Mayhem


Tue Apr 14, 2009, 8:14 AM
Just to let everyone know, I'm going to be in Italy from tomorrow until Saturday morning.
So please don't leave too many messages... I'm kidding, I love hearing from everyone! :D
But yes.
Hopefully I'll have some photos to put up on my blog when I'm done. :D

Model Mayhem

Introduce yourself!

Sun Apr 12, 2009, 1:52 AM
:wave: Hey!

So, I have lots of new watchers - I know this because there's still over 1,000 messages for me to go through and thank people! :faint:

I will get it done.

In the mean time, I'm going to invite you all to introduce yourselves and, in doing so, spam me with even more messages! :giggle:

I'll start off by introducing myself! :excited:

Hi, my name is Poppet!
I'm an 18 year old student, living in London, England.
I'm hopefully (maybewhoknowswe'llsee) going to pursue photography as a career.
My favourite piece from my gallery is:
Sepia Stare by Poppet-Pictures

Now, I want to hear all the same information from you guys, but about you! :D

Model Mayhem


Fri Apr 10, 2009, 10:32 AM
I'm absolutely in shock, seriously.
Thank you so much to Katmomma and PorcelainPoet.
But, most of all, thank you to everyone who's taken the time to leave a lovely comment, a favourite or even a watch! :heart:

This is quite an odd position for me to be in - I suggest a lot of DDs and lurk around, enjoying reading people's journals when they get featured.
But I never really imagined that it would happen to me - sure, I dreamed of it but never realistically! And it would always be many, many years in the distant future, when I was (clearly) rich and famous! :giggle:

I'd been away since Monday evening in Dorset, in a lovely flat with no internet. I managed to nab some connection yesterday evening and had about twenty minutes online and glanced quickly through my 20 messages and decided to reply to them all when I got home today. So when I got home I logged on and had a shock when I saw over 600 messages (593 now I've gone through all of the journals)! I decided that clearly, it must be some kind of error, similar to the one that resulted in us having no counts inside out message center.

But then I scrolled down in my messages and saw not only a ridiculous number of comments but (to me!) an unimaginable number of favourites and watches. And then, with trembling fingers, I checked the DD listings - normally the first thing I do, I was just distracted by the message count. :giggle:

And then I pretty much had a heart attack!

I ran onto Skype and tried to gush and thank her, but she wasn't around. So savagebinn ended up with me sitting there, completely dazed, and typing irritating messages such as 'shit.' 'fuck.' and 'oh fucking shit.' - none of which she understood, with no idea what was happening!

But I've just realised how much I'm rambling! I'm sorry! It's the shock. ;)

Photograph wise - I have a big and very exciting shoot coming up on the 20th of April and I'm away from the 15th-18th in Italy, but on a school trip so it's unlikely anything will come from that!

I've gone a couple of photographs from this week that I might put up, but none of them are hugely exciting.

Again, I want to thank you all so much - from the bottom of my heart. I will reply to every message and favourite/watch, it just might take a while! :giggle:

Model Mayhem

Photography Blog!

Sat Apr 4, 2009, 12:56 PM
So, according to the poll, the majority of people ARE interested in reading my photography blog.
You can find it here:
Let me know if you like it, what you think, what you'd like to see or if you follow it. :D

More photos coming very shortly, very exciting stuff coming! :excited:

Also, who'se on flickr?
Link me to you! :D

Model Mayhem
Wow, I've never been so tired in my life!
Had six hours sleep this weekend, which is pretty exhausting! :giggle:
I have got some work to put up, as soon as it's finished - lots of ideas floating around which I'm excited about.

I visited my great friend felicefawn yesterday, and dragged my friend Izzy down so Félice could shoot her. That was awesome and a lot of fun, Félice is finishing editing the photos from the day but take a look at the two that're up so far...

:thumb116725143: That's the lovely Sam, who I finally got to meet.
:thumb116724953: Is Izzy, who some of you might recognise from some of my photos!
And yes, that butterfly really is real!

I had such an awesome time and got to meet some great people, but it was pretty exhausting. Especially as there was trouble getting there as the WHOLE Victoria line was out of action this weekend and then Félice and I had some contact issues that ended up with Izzy and me getting stranded in Cambridge for an hour until I texted Sandra who rang Anna who put me onto Félice! :giggle:
And then the lovely Rich came and picked us up! :D

Today I'm going to see a recording of Argumental with Serena. Argumental is a great programme for Dave that I've never watched before but I'm sure I'll enjoy it.. It's got some of my all time favourite comedians in it and I'll tell you all how it goes! I only hope I don't fall asleep!

Model Mayhem