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Félice Fawn is a British freelance fashion photographer. She focuses on women’s fashion, and all of her photographs have a unique twist to them that make them intensely personal to her.

Félice Fawn’s photography has always fascinated me; I love the way in which she seamlessly blends reality with her own special version of fantasy. I chose to study her, and the way in which she portrays women, for an art project because I feel a connection with her work and long to explore it more.

Félice is a good friend of mine and she was lovely enough to answer some questions that I had about her work and to let me share the answers with you guys!

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Poppet-Pictures ‘Félice Fawn’, where does the name come from and what does it mean to you?
felicefawn Like much of my work, it's based on females, females, females. I've always seen deer as a symbol of grace and beauty, and I've always had an quiet respect for the creature, so that's the second part of the name explained! In regards to the first, I've always adored the name Felix. I've got a thing for the French language, I think it's stunning, and it so happens that Felice is the French, female version of Felix. How true this is I'm not sure, but I remember discovering it around a year ago, so it worked perfectly!

Poppet-Pictures When did you first start taking photographs?
felicefawn I think I was around 13 or 14. It was during middleschool, but it wasn't something I considered a hobby, it was just something I enjoyed when I got hold of a camera. It was mainly photographs of family and friends.

Poppet-Pictures At what point did you realise you wanted to e a photographer?
felicefawn I had always toyed with the idea since 16, but at that point in time I based my life plans around both traditional and digital art. It was only after I left my job as a tattoo artist apprentice, at 18, that I really started pushing myself, and I began working with other creatives in the industry.

Poppet-Pictures Who else are you influenced by?
felicefawn Absolutely everything around me. I can't go a day without looking at something, or hearing something, and making a new folder in my head that stores ideas based around it, whether it be a location, an object, or another photograph. I sometimes wake myself up in the middle of the night, half asleep after dreaming something inspiring, and have to scribble it on paper before I go back to sleep.

Poppet-Pictures Who inspires you the most?
felicefawn <a href=” “>Eolo Perfido</a>. He was my first taste of 'wow'.

Poppet-Pictures Have you been consciously inspired by an artist, or a piece of art, in any of your works?
felicefawn I wouldn't say consciously, no, but I keep a piece of my favorite artists with me at all times.

Poppet-Pictures Where do you get the ideas for your shots from?
felicefawn Believe me, I'd like to know the answer to that question too! I'll never know where they come from, they just seem to emerge, and through the scribbling of sketches and hours of thought, they just seem to fall together.

Poppet-Pictures How much do clients effect your work?
felicefawn As much as I love my job, personal projects will always be more enjoyable for me, purely because of the freedom to be creative. However, I've always loved a challenge, so although client work is sometimes restrictive, I think it's definitely healthy and essential in regards to my work maturing.

Poppet-Pictures Who is the person you most want to photograph, and why?
felicefawn Wow that's a really tough question, as there are endless women I would give my right arm to photograph!
I've always been a fan of Lily Cole, no matter how published she is, her face just intrigues me, I find her to be the epitome of 'delicate', and I'm also absolutely obsessed with red hair.

Poppet-Pictures Do you like to be photographed?
felicefawn Not particularly. I'm too much of a perfectionist to let someone else take control!

Poppet-Pictures What do you see happening in your future?
felicefawn I see only today, anything positive the future brings is a bonus. However, I hope for tearsheets, and time to work on personal, creative projects.

Poppet-Pictures What do you look for in a make up artist?
felicefawn Bravery. A funny answer, I know, but as cliché as it sounds, I like out-of-the-box creativity, no questions asked.

Poppet-Pictures What makes a good model?
felicefawn Cooperation and improvisation. A 'creative team' doesn't just include the photographer, MUA, stylist, etc. I like them to bring some personality to the table, I want to photograph 'them'.

Poppet-Pictures How important is lighting?
felicefawn Well... with no light... you wouldn't be able to take a photograph! I'm kidding, but in regards to studio lighting, I think it depends entirely on what you want from your final product. I've only ever worked with, and will probably always favour natural light, but given the opportunity I'd definitely be eager to test with flash kits and gels.

Poppet-Pictures Why do you prefer natural lighting?
felicefawn It's just so radiant, and so 'natural'. It tells no lies, and really brings out the beauty of my subjects.

Poppet-Pictures What piece do you feel expresses or represents yourself and your work best?
felicefawn Before '<a…>finch II</a>' I would have said '<a…>pollen</a>', but Kayt was the first model I've ever done a nude editorial shoot with, and I'm thrilled with the results. It contains absolutely everything that I try to capture in my work. Grace, power, 'art', and thanks to the jewelry designer, that avant garde twist I love so much.

Poppet-Pictures Do you try to empower women when you photograph them?
felicefawn I see all women as beautiful, unearthly creatures, and I most certainly try to capture an essence of this in all my photographs. People who are familiar with my work might notice that I rarely photograph males, and this is by no means a sexist approach to my creativity, but I guess you could say I'm infatuated. It's like I'm looking through a pair of glasses that transform the models I work with into these fantasy-realism characters. In a nutshell, it's not something I try to do, it just tends to happen due to my passion for the subject when I'm photographing them.

Poppet-Pictures Do you try to present women as non-sexual?
felicefawn No, I can definitely say I don't consciously approach a photoshoot with that in mind, if anything I think some of my images are actually laced with a sense of sexuality!

Poppet-Pictures Do you think photographers should think about issues such as how they portray women with eating disorders? Self esteem in young girls?
felicefawn This is a tough question, and I find I've been asked it a lot recently. When I shoot, my priority is always my models welfare, and this will never change. If I genuinely thought a model was too ill to work, I simply wouldn't shoot, but as I've began immersing myself within the fashion industry, I've found your perception of what is 'small' and 'slender' becomes clouded, because not only are models a lot slimmer within this line of work, but the clothing designers are also creating clothing that only fits certain sizes. It becomes second nature, something you don't question, and as hard as it is for many people to understand, I think it's something you need to experience to be able to comment on. I've worked with many models a lot of people might catagorise as 'unhealthily small', models I personally probably would have catagorised as 'unhealthily small' had I not worked with them, but if I'm honest, I haven't yet worked with a model who isn't happy and full of energy.

Poppet-Pictures I know that you think women are always (pretty much always, at least!) sensual and sexy etc but what do you feel of the impact that the glamorous ‘size 0’ models have upon younger children, ie anorexia?
felicefawn Basically In a nutshell Before I immersed myself in the industry I was dead set against working with smaller models because the idea of glamorising bad eating habits is something I can't condone But now I'm doing this it becomes second nature and you're not there to judge people by how small or big they are, especially with paid work, you're there to take a photograph.
It's like no one agrees with polluting the earth, yet everyone has to drive to work, you know? Some things you just can't change, I’m one person against the world just doing what I love, and I just hope the models are too.

Poppet-Pictures What do you try to communicate through your work?
felicefawn Passion.

Poppet-Pictures You have a thing about symmetry… Why’s that?
felicefawn I really don't know, I've had it for as long as I remember, and it's a habit I'm trying to kick because I find it really affects my train of thought when I'm shooting. I find it hard to be experimental with framing my subject because of it, but a lot of people tell me to embrace it as my style. I'm currently undecided.

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